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Andrew was born in Bay City, MI and has lived in Midland since he was one year old. He grew up attending CCC with his family. After leaving Midland to study English at Alma College he returned to Midland and CCC where he had a life-altering encounter with God that changed the direction of his life and encouraged him pursue God’s call on his life. Andrew has been serving on worship teams for almost 15 years in many capacities, ministering in kids, youth and adult services.

Andrew married best friend, biggest fan, and partner in worship-leading, Katherine, in 2017. He is incredibly humbled and thankful God blessed him with a passionate and talented wife that leads worship by his side.

Andrew’s heart is to daily usher people into God’s presence and introduce them to the one who is eternally loving, faithful, gracious and kind. Andrew is passionate about developing teams and empowering leaders who will answer the call of God to expand His kingdom on the Earth. He delights in giving God the highest praise while encouraging others to do the same.

Andrew played soccer for his college team but is far too out of shape to play now so he mostly enjoys playing video game soccer instead. Some of his favorite things in life are pizza, specialty craft coffee and basset hounds.